The Progression of the EDM

General Article

Electrical discharge machining is a method which makes it easier for people to receive specifically manufactured items at a cost. This is a practice that goes into the category of EDM Manufacturing Services. The interesting thing is most people do not even know what an EDM is. In this article we will be discussing the basics of what one of these complex contraptions actually is, the history behind these machines, and how to even start to make one.

What is an electrical discharge machine? Well according to Wikipedia an electrical discharge machine is a device that uses sparks to shape a metal piece by using heat to concave a dent inside of the fabric of the metal itself. How this process happens is that when the top and bottom parts of the machine are just inches from each other, the spark start to heat up the metal thereby making the desired shape inside of the metal cut out. From here on out a process called breakdown voltage occurs which is when the intensity of the two conduit wires that almost touch become even more intense. This is all part of the shaping phase that occurs upon the desired material. After all the process the nearly liquidized metal becomes a solid form once again but instead it bears a new shape.

What is the history of the electrode discharge machine? Well according to documentation the first discovery of this electric discharge was found in seventeen hundred and seventy seven. The first one of these machines was made in the Soviet Union, and not long afterwards the United States worked doggedly to bring about a model that made about sixty sparks per second to generate heat and shape metal even faster than the Soviet Union. As time progressed the machine that was discovered nearly four thousand years ago has become an even more complex model in the nineteen eighties up to this present day even. The history of this machine is fascinating.

How does one make an EDM machine in the first place? Well the first general step would be to make a linear slide. One would need a drill, hacksaw, Philips screwdriver, pencil, tape measure, set of wood files to make this happen. This linear slide will help stabilize the machine while it is being worked because the last thing anyone needs is for something to get dropped. After completing all the linear slides need to keep the machine in its place it is now time to build the circuit. This might seem like complex step, but the only thing needed to make the circuit work is the last diode. Once the EDM is set up it is time to cut up some metal for the next step in our progression to building an official EDM machine. Lastly after everything is assembled it is time to attach a cookie cutter to the electrode so that the shape of the cookie cutter will be branded into the metal itself. The result is a machine that shapes metal to ones will.